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About Us

Budynek MeblomorMarine Equipment Factory Meblomor S.A. was establish in 1952 in Czarnków. At the beginning there was a sawmill, subjected at that time to State Forests, later transformed to Czarnków Plants of Regional Industry. Initially production profile was confined to office and galley furniture made of wood. In 1959 Meblomor established its first contacts with ship industry. Then through the Ship Industry Association we started to produce furniture made of wood and aluminium sheets. Till 1st of July 1965 Marine Equipment Factory Meblomor existed on the market as Regional Department of Szczecin Shipyard.


Year 1969 was a turning point in history, when Meblomor became an independent plant subjected to Ship Industry Association in Gdańsk. Since then a considerable development took place. In 70’s Meblomor started production of light and heavy steel doors, as well as aluminium and stainless steel furniture for galleys, dining rooms, restaurants and cabins for crew and passengers on ship.

In 1994 our factory was transformed to sole shareholder company of the State Treasury- Marine Equipment Factory MEBLOMOR S.A.
From January, 1st 2000 company is a private firm. Shares of the State Treasury were bought out by an Employee Company MEPROMOR S.A., which cooperate with MEBLOMOR S.A. as its business agent.





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